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I'm First To Post???

This year I started becoming more active in my beliefs and views. I guess to retaliate against all the other people who are actively against my beliefs and views. Until this year I have kept all my views to myself because I honestly felt that no one here in Mississippi cared about anything political or social, so I suprressed all my wants and needs to do any activism in my community since it pretty much would be a direct attack on my community it seems. But it hit me recently. It hit me that all the people I have seen protesting or voicing their opinion have been against me, something I believe in, or my kind, it seemed.

"Keep marriage sacred."

"God hates fags."

"AIDS is a cure for homosexuality."

We've all seen the signs and all the other BS, either in person or on television. I guess I've only really seen religious Christian zealots protest. I've always known that Christian zealots were scary, but I've never quite seen the power they have. They are everywhere, and seem to have a huge voice in everything!!! It is truely scaring me. I used to be Christian but all the Christian hate groups have turned me completely from the religion. I don't understand how "Children of God" could be so downright evil, hateful, and loathesome in an almost blind intolerance of "others". By others I mean, someone who isn't EXACTLY as they are. I know that all Christians aren't like that, and that some are inspirations to us all, but...those people are far and few between. Give me an atheist with a bad attitude anyday.

To be honest, I'm afraid that the US is going to be the next Nazi Germany.

I've tried telling many friends about the intolerance, racism, and balance of power within America, and they don't want to listen. If they don't turn death ears to me they tell me to shut up and just stop talking about it...which makes me wonder what kind of person they really are inside. Why would you not like to talk about racism and intolerance? It make me think that what I'm saying hits too close to home with said person.

If you're not racist, racism should offend least that's what I think. So when I tell people about racism in the world and how we can maybe do something, and they not listen to me, I think that they could care less about racism. I never see any of those crazy Christian zealots with signs that say...

"Down with racism."

"Racism is wrong!"

It's the things like that that keep me up at night. Fearing the morning when I'm not even considered a human being anymore over being black... homosexual...... different. Differnt from the people with voices and power.
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