fight, fight, fight

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Queer people are becoming more prominent in society, and especially on the left.
We're making massive gains in the Labor movement and the New Left seems to have learned a great deal from it's 60s-70s failings to include women, queer and genderqueer into their ranks.
Anyway, this is a place for us who are queer and socialist/communist/anarchist, general anti-capitalist to meet up and discuss what's going on within our niche.

There is a lot of radicalism in the queer community, and the Capitalist Class has worked very hard to subvert our revolutionary tendancies. The Pink dollar/pound/euro or whatever is seen as a major player in many sectors of the economy. To capitalists, that's all we are. The rampant consumerism that has become the benchmark of "gay" is a disgrace to those who have fought for human liberation.
It's up to us to take our community back.